Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Antibiotics thought

When I get the antibiotics for the toddler/preschooler from the pharmacy, the label gives you instruction on dosage and mentions - "Please discard the remainder at the end of 10 days"

I can't help smile at this one. As such it is quite a struggle getting the medicine down the throat of the preschooler! If one can manage to get the 1tbsp without spits and spills, that would be an achievement. Many times, due to this mess and non cooperation movement, I end up refilling the syringe. How can one be left with a surplus to be discarded?

P.S. Day by day, I see the resistance is less and now he does not put up a big fight as before. YEAH!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Update

The winter arrived with some sick times for our family. With 3 out of 4 of us on antibiotics now, we are on the road to recovery.

Last weekend, was Nikhil's first ever dance performance - the group of kids trained by V from our community danced and sang. Here is the YouTube link my friend S sent out, if anyone is bored enough to look for my son in the 2nd row (boy with spects). The kids were excited, so were their parents. The event was the holiday party of our community - around 30 Indian families, I would guess. The evening was filled with fun, food and games. Santa arrived as a surprise and kids were super excited to sit on his lap and take pictures and receive their gifts. Very good job on the part of the organizers to arrange this all. It was 1 o clock by the time we came back home and went to bed.

Yesterday, we went to church after a long time and happened to join the Christmas carols in some homes. That was fun too. As much as it is about singing together and visiting homes, B and I also wondered if this is equally about food! Each home arranges some food/snack - one would be too full, but it too difficult to pass the Parippu Vadas, so we ended up eating more than they ever thought they could! I remembered what my uncle K says about all Hindu festivities - we make different kinds of foods/sweets and offer them to God and eat them ourselves. So any festival always has its own list of food items/snacks/savories associated with them.

It is so so COLD and FREEZING. I can't wait for the winter to wave bye! Long time to go!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Laksh had this post up which is a letter TAG. She asked Apar for a letter and got K - quite convenient, I say, to be able to list her husband's name as one. And when I asked for a letter she gave me E. Did I put too much salt in the dish I cooked for our potluck last weekend, for which she is taking revenge on me..I wondered! Just kidding,Laksh! My brain cells fished for words that begin with E . E for elumichampazham (lemon in Tamil), E for elephant..my God, this is going to be hard)

Rules are:You leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

You can leave a comment and not be assigned a letter if you want. Just let me know if you want a letter to keep this going.

So here I go.

1. Entertainment ( Movies, theatre, tamil dramas - I am all for entertainment)

2. Empire Hotel - The hotel in Brigade road, Bangalore is special in my memory. The parotta/stew and Appam/stew we had there 10 years ago still remains fresh in my taste buds. It was one of the places our friends gang used to hang out when we were earning bacherlors/spinsters.

3. Exton - The city in PA where we spend most of our time - library, mall and grocery. Can't think of moving too far from here!

4. Euphoria - The songs from this band were a hit when I was in Bangalore. I have watched their music vidoes over and over in SonyTV etc and loved them. My favorite is here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9u0PqnEhqI

5. Eating Out - I enjoy eating out in restaurants.

6. Eavesdropping - Don't get a chance to do this too much now. Long time ago, when I was travelling in city buses in Trivandrum, I used to find this an amusing pastime to eavesdrop on different conversations around me. Interesting to see different people and how they talk!

7. Exercise - refreshes my body and mind - whenever I take the time to do it.

8. Eye glasses - I really have to love these because I won't be able survive without them. One day, once I get my LASIK done, I probably can take this off the list. But I will forever be indebted to these for guiding me through these years.

9. Engineering - All I am today is because of this degree!

10. Ethics - One should never compromise on this! Hold on to the moral values and honesty. These values are what makes a person great! I love the values I hold on to.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Jab We (Bloggers) Met!

Have you seen Kaathal Kottai? The movie in which Ajith and Devyani communicate through letters for a while and don't seen each other till the last scene. I could exactly imagine the 'dhak-dhak' that Devyani must have gone through when she set out to meet Ajith. Well, not exactly, in that sense, but somewhat close.

Laksh, UL and myself decided to meet each other with our families at my place on Sunday. We have been keeping in touch with each other through our blogs for the past year.
I have met Laksh before and I knew how the conversation will go. Laksh and UL are close friends from before. But I was meeting UL for the first time. And we three were meeting together for the first time. My thoughts revolved around which launguage will I be speaking - since it will be a mix of Tamil and Malayalam in the group when we meet. I have a mental picture of UL from her blog and her comments to my post. Will her real self match my mental picture? Can I be just myself or should I start with being polite, nice and cute (can I manage that?)

Here the door bell rings. UL and family arrives. We start in Malayalam. We talk of Mallu friends we have, trying to find common folks we know. Laksh and family arrives. I chat with her in Tamil. Before I knew, we were all comfortably chatting, cracking jokes and the husbands were laughing aloud.

When they left, I could feel how Devyani must have felt at the end - peaceful, happy and GLAD that we MET. GLAD THAT WE MET ONLINE!

P.S. Suman and Shy, we missed you!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thinking Activities (pun intended!)

This week, it was extremely tough to get up every morning. Blame it on weekdays evenings that have been exhausting with activities that there is not even one evening where you could relax. One is always on the run - driving in the dark, rainy nights chasing fog off the headlights. Especially now that it turns dark so early!

Sometimes I wonder, these activities that I take my son to - are they becoming too much? Is it helpful in shaping his personality? It surely takes a toll on parents - driving around kids from one place to another. But it also feels risky not to have him do anything apart from school. We don't want him to feel out of place among a bunch of kids who do sports and other activities.

Sometimes, kids have all the energy and are ready to go for the activities - while I feel like I have none. It is his interest that pushes me to take him to karate. "Do you really want to go today?" "Yes, yes".Sometimes, it is our interests that pushes them - they are not really particular, but you believe it is good for them in the long run. And a little bit of push - you see him making progress and you tell yourself - 'See, I knew it!'.

In the mechanical run, there are moments we miss to smile on. The pranks the kids do, irritate us because we are hurrying to get them somewhere. One has to step aside, take a deep breath and remind oneself of this quote that comes flashing to my mind today -
"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Party

When I got the invite to our office holiday party weeks ago, I was excited and very motivated to go with B. Problem is that kids are not allowed at all. Last year, we had B's parents at home so we left the kids home, dressed up in formal clothes and went. This year, I was not sure what to do. So eventually my enthusiasm drained out and I was looking for more reasons to skip it than to make it happen.

Yesterday was the party day and B and myself decided not to go. During the day, I made a call to my friend B who inspired me to attend it. R from work also tempted me to come. I thought let me give Miss. B (Nithin's babysitter) a call. If she says she can watch my kids for couple of hours that evening, I could probably go. I gave her a call and apologized for the last minute request. My mind was prepared to take the answer that comes in the right spirit. After all, I had not been keen in making arrangements in the beginning!

Miss B said a cool Yes! This is a first time for us - to leave the kids with a baby sitter for any event and go! I was both thrilled and nervous at the same time. The rest of the afternoon went by in going home and visiting the beauty parlor lady in our neighborhood for a clean-up (oh my God, it is so hard for women to dress up for a party, I tell you!). I did not want Nithin to spend a continuous 12 hours away from home, so we picked him up , brought him home for couple of hours. Then we dropped both the boys at the baby sitter.

We made it to the party. Kids were safe and there was peace of mind. We missed the first hour, but got to meet friends and have dinner. We started soon after dessert and headed to pick the boys up.

While we were driving back, I realized that more than the fun I had the party, I was more amazed about how quickly the kids adapted to the situation. When I saw Nikhil at home and started to prep him emotionally, he said 'I know. I know we are going to Miss B, and you both are going to an office party'. His dad had mentioned and he was just fine with it. Nithin became fine with it since big bro was with him. As we got the kids back, I felt a sense of accomplishment - having tried out leaving kids with a sitter for the first time in life!

This incident made me realize two things:
1. It is just a matter of making the start. Sometimes we hestiate so much for a thing, and we are surprised it was not that difficult after all.
2. Quoting my Appa - If something is destined for you, it will happen. I tried so much not to make this event happen, but, in the end, it did anyway. This is debatable but there is some thrill in quoting Appa's theory! Gives me a magical feeling about life!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nice break from the routine

The long weekend was extra long with the one vacation day I was able to take on last Wednesday.The plan was to spend the day one-one with Nikhil - just mom and son! Dad had work. As we dropped the younger one to the baby sitter, I went through my guilt pangs - my babysitter consoled me and asked me to have a great day with the older one.

So, stop 1 was a restaurant for breakfast. I ordered a veggie omelet and Nikhil was excited to see an item called Chocolate Chip Pancakes in the menu. He ordered that and was already on top of the world - with the powdered sugar, maple syrup, butter and cream. The atmosphere is really homely there and the waitresses are middle-aged ladies who are really friendly. I sipped my coffee and called B to give an update of where we were.

Step 2 was to catch the new kids movie 'Bolt', but when we reached the theater, we were too early. The doors had not been opened yet. So we had about 1 hour to kill and I called B again. "What do you think, can we catch a quick game of bowling before the movie begins" and he said that sounds possible. We drove fast to the bowling lanes nearby and paid for exactly 1 game and played just that. Mr.Niks was all excited and I too was. We compete with each other on Nintendo Wii and I occasionally win a bowling game or two in that. But real bowling was not that easy.
Anyway, Nikhil managed to beat me and was happy yet again.

It was time for the movie. I had no idea about the story, except that there was a dog with super powers. I went there only for my son's sake, but I ended up enjoying the movie so much so that my eyes were filled with tears!

After the movie, we headed home. We were tired by then and felt like being at home for an hour before heading to Nikhil's swimming class. It was a nice day spent with my boy! Would love to do that again!

Rest of the weekend - we went for two thanks giving get togethers - one with friends and one with family. We also watched the James Bond movie in theatre - all 4 of us! It was an adventure which went quite smoothly as Nithin slept on my lap. Sunday went by in preparing Idli/Sambar for the Xmas Carols folks who came after church. Carols was over and we were chitchatting with friends who stayed back. It was a great weekend and here we roll again!