Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello Bangalore!

The Jet Airways flight had friendly and polite crew members. But the flight was too bumpy and shaky. I detest that, but somehow got through it and reached the new international airport in Bangalore. The airport looks classy and seems to have all new facilities. When we walked outside, I could see my Appa waving at us. He has put on more weight than last time. I saw him 2 years back in person! He was excited to see the kids and Nithin was so excited to run around the airport pathway. It was not too bad a drive because it was not peak hours.

After seeing the traffic and erratic drivers in Kerala, we felt Bangalore is not that bad. The city brought back lot of old memories. The 3 years of working spinster life were awesome. Bangalore is Bangalore.

Watching movies in a theatre as a family is a tradition we love to follow. The movie we select for such family viewing always was a Tamil movie and mostly would be the latest one Kamal acted in. Yes, we went to see Dasavathaaram. I had no idea about the story except for the 10 roles concept. Hmm..it is not as great as his earlier movies, but I enjoyed it. Kamal's acting was awesome and some of the roles he played were really great. Some of them were artificial and would not gel well with the story. Nevertheless, I am glad I got the opportunity to watch a Kamal movie with family after so many years. Time is flying!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Arrived safely

We arrived safely in India early morning Tuesday. The longest flight from New York to Kuwait went as a breeze with our toddler sleeping through the most of it. But the next 4.5 hour flight was troublesome with him not sleeping AT ALL. And the landing took a long time with turbulent skies and Nithin giving us a hard time trying to get out of the seatbelt. Waited for the suitcases to arrive when Nithin was talking to the girls around and demonstrating his new learned sentence - "You understand"! The girls thought he was funny.

When we walked out, it was a magical moment when Nikhil came up to us and smiled shyly. He hugged Nithin and us and we were truly emotional and excited. It was a Kodak moment. At home, a wonderful breakfast awaited us, thanks to B's mom. We were all starved for his mom's cooking, to be frank. That was the beginning. The couple days flew by with shopping and fighting sleep during the daytime. During my Day 1 beauty parlor visit, I dozed off literally couple of times.

Reunion with B's older brother and family was the highlight of yesterday. We are now planning a houseboat stay in Kumarakom, for everybody who went to India already did this houseboat thing and is 'wow'ing it. Let see how it goes. Until then, all you gals who are reading this, Ciao!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time to wave bye bye to home

Past week has been hectic with multiple trips to Target, Walmart and Giant. Thanks to B, all suitcases are packed, weighed and stacked in the back of our van. Just minutes to start the travel to airport. Thought of posting a quick bye bye to all my dear folks on the web. Will be back soon online, hopefully as soon as I reach India. Until then, ciao!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It is tough to spell it in English, but once you learn to do it, you can enjoy this really funny Malayalam serial in Youtube. The title means the 'sights on the other side of the river'. It is telecast every Sunday on Kairali TV in India, showing the people in the Des how life is in the US, in a humorous way.

The serial paints a truly realistic picture of an average Malayali Christian family in the United States. Any average Indian living in the US can identify with the main character called George Thekkummoottil who owns an insurance business of his own and his wife a Nerse (nurse in Malloo way!). I burst out with laughter many times with the dialogues, coz they are so true and funny. I wait for it to come to youtube on every Tuesday. Somethings to expect from life and adding fun to it.

Of course, now I have the concern how long can they sustain the interest and pick juicy themes.Like all good things that lose their charm one day, the inevitable is going to happen.

Reminds me of waiting for the Super 10 Parody program in SUN TV every week. Every episode's every dialogue was juicy and full of humor. They were not afraid to ridicule any Super Star and mock even the most sentimental scene in a movie. But it lost its charm, the actors crew disintegrated and went to different channels, and the program is not funny anymore.

Scared that some day that might happen to Akkarakkazhchakal!
But as long as the quality lasts, let us enjoy it.

All the actors do a great job! They live the characters, to say the least.

I am just putting the link to a Random episode of Akkarakkazhchakal here. But it is a treat to watch each episode in order. Anyone who can understand Malayalam and is living in US, should not miss it for the fun of it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The final lap

With suitcases scattered in our bedroom loaded with things being packed, it is busy time.

Time to update the India Trip XLS with things we have bought/to buy, things to do etc.
Time when I often daydream about how it will be.
Time when I also dread about what if I get disappointed with so many expectations in my mind.
Time when I think of the reunion with my 7 year old who is enjoying summer back in India.
Time when I feel ashamed of me not able to wait to fly away and escape from work.
Time when I fear I will miss packing something important.

I am not able to think of anything else to write on because this is what I have in mind now.
Catch you later!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Books I completed

It is a accomplishment from my perspective that I am completing a book. Two in a row is a big record. Both are by Amulya Malladi.

Mango Season:

The first one I finished reading last month was the Mango Season. I loved it for its simplicity and the so many Indian things I could relate to. The story is about an Indian girl who spent so many years in US goes to India to tell her parents about her non Indian boy friend with whom she has been living together.

The tiny little things that bring a smile on your face - like how the mom cuts plantain (vazhakka or some such vegetable) and puts it into water to prevent it from darkening. The mom daughter relation - you would resonate if you had such a relation with your mom. The heroine wonders how she is finding it hard to adjust to things which were part of her life for years together. All that was fine, but I could not stomach some arguments made by the girl. How could she become so modern and how come her marriage becomes her own business..she is torn between mixed feelings all right, but I felt she is too much! Anyway, a good read and I could not put the book down.

A Breath of Fresh Air

This made me pick another book of the same author Amulya Malladi - the first novel she wrote on a victim of Bhopal gas tragedy called "The Breath of Fresh Air". Again very simple language that captivates interest without having to look for a dictionary. Very suitable for me. Different chapters are being narrated by different characters and the sequence of past events is slowly unfolded in each one's perspective. I stayed up till 12 for past two nights to finish the book. The climax was touching. How one night of inhaling the poisonous gas changed the life of Anjali and her future is beautifully narrated.

Happy weekend all, if you dont see another post from me!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yummy long weekend!

We enjoyed every bit of the trip to Pittsburgh. We stayed at S and R's place and they have a toddler same age as Nithin. This helped us all enjoy their mischief and also break our heads when they threw tantrums.

First day afternoon, B and I went to meet my old friend A- short and sweet visit.It was nice to see the kids play together while we caught up on how life is for each of us. Back home with S and R, we all set out to the S.V.Temple with his parents. This is a ritual every time we go to Pittsburgh. A trip to the temple and stop at the Udupi resturant on the way back.

Next day, July 4, we left to the zoo after a simple and satisfying home cooked meal. Kids were excited to see the animals. The weather was really gorgeous and it helped us enjoy the day without feeling exhausted. After the zoo, we went to watch the Regatta at the Erie Lake. So we officially took part in July 4 celebrations! The shore was filled with different kinds of people and it was nice to see families and couples savoring the moment.

Then we went to Mount Washington to get a nice view of the fireworks. The fireworks were enchanting and when we came back home, kids were asleep. We would sit down and talk till 1 AM in the night every day after the kids slept. It was fun.

The next day we went to Presue Isle State Park and the beach. The place itself was so beautiful with the many beaches. We went to 3 of them and it got better each time. Kids were super excited to get into water and would not want to come back. If this place was close by, we could have made weekend trips to it. It was not overcrowded and it is so spacious that you could find a private spot for your family somewhere for sure.

Back home, I feel refreshed from the nice break we had. Being away from home and the routine chores makes a difference. You feel inspired to begin a new chapter in life - get regular with gym and cook nice things from NOW ON. It is a different question whether I keep up with the resolutions I make when we drive back home, at least it inspired me to approach life as a new chapter! Only one and half week left to our India trip, my heart beat increases when I think about the suitcases we have not packed and things we are yet to purchase. Life is exciting!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Looking forward to the break

Slowly recovering from the mood swings of last week and crawling up from the pit of depression day by day, I took life one day at a time. It is going on smooth for now. And I am all set to take a long weekend break. We are heading off tonight to our classmate's home in Pittsburgh and we plan to go on an outing from there. Sometimes, staying away from home gives you a different perspective. A change is good for now. Time with friends we have known for more than 12 years is always fun. I am also hoping to catch up with another friend's family - have not met her since 5 years!
Have a nice long weekend, all of you, in advance! See you soon!