Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Piano Recital

Not me. My son 1. He started learning recently. Just thought of trying it out - this place was close to him and we heard a lot of kids we know are going there to learn music. The teacher was a 'sir' and Nikhil was excited. We bought small piano and he practices at home. His teacher said that he can perform in a concert. All his students are going to go up on the stage and play couple of songs. Nikhil wanted to be a part of it right away. These are two very simple songs and I am sure there are tons of kids who are playing piano in the concert today. It may not be a big deal - but since it is the first time my son is playing in a recital, we are excited. I am getting his clothes and the new black shoes ready. As soon as he comes from school, we have to dress him up and feed him and drive to this place where the concert is. He seems to be confident. of course I have no clue on how play any instrument. Let us see how it goes!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last name and signature

Back in school, probably 7th grade or so, I practiced putting my signature. It was like I was preparing myself for a day when I will be asked to sign and oh my God, I have to work on it to be able to sign. Wherever there was free space in a piece of paper, I kept on signing and signing and practicing.
Back in India, there was no concept of last name in my family. We had an initial and that's it. So my signature also had my first name and initial.
After coming to US, I had to use last name everywhere starting from passport. But signature remained the same. Never had any issues there so far.
Recently a form I sent somewhere got rejected because they said my signature did not match my full name. My signature is what it is - why should it match my name! Grrr!
Whatever..I need the approval of the form..so I had to sign with my full name for the first time in my life. It felt weird.