Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

The four days flew away. In the Thanksgiving night party with the 'Fantastic Five' families, we were all up until 2AM in the night. We had fun playing games - couple of them I organized. I have warmed up to dancing now - provided it is these folks that I am around, and there is dim light so that no one can comment on how bad I am at it.

The next day flew by in recuperating from the previous night. There was no strength in any of us to think of Black Friday shopping. All 4 of us slept well in the afternoon and woke up to head to a friend's house. It was just two families - host and the guest. The kids played well. It was nice to see Nithin open up and play with his peer. He used to cling to me all the time - now here is freedom finally! I don't have to carry him around. The new school and being full time there are bringing about some really welcome changes in his personality. Thanks to our friends who treated us to some nice cocktails in their wet bar. We were relaxed and it was a great evening.

Saturday, I had to go for shopping, lest I feel like a loser this long weekend. I grabbed some nice clothes for everyone in the family. We managed to take the kids to the mall and took a picture with Santa.

Sunday was spent in the church, followed by the Christmas Carols rounds. The weather was beautiful. We did not need our jackets in the day hopping from one home to another. Carols is as much about food as it is about singing! Every home, I vow not to eat any more - but the sight of home made vadas tempt me and I break the vow very easily. It wrapped up at 5.30 and we were home getting ready for yet another work week.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mid week post

I am excited about weekends now. Not having to get up early and drive is one thing that take the stress off my shoulders. In Malayalam, there is a word called 'Ahankaari'. One could call me that since for 6 months I was home craving to go work. And now I started working and am already looking for excuses not to drive. I am thankful for not being stuck at home the winter days - which is what I dreaded the most. But you know what I mean, right! A break is always appreciated by everyone.

At work, I met some nice folks and am learning new things. One day, I went for a lunch out with UL at Salad Works. This is the first time I am going out for lunch by myself in this new area. Even though, we have met for 2 or 3 times in total, it felt like we have known each for ever. We chatted non stop!

Last Friday, I was excited because we went as a team for lunch for the addition of a new member - that is me! It was at P.F.Changs. We car pooled, had a nice lunch and the drive back through scenic back roads to work seemed like I am have a day off.

I took the afternoon off to go to Nikhil's class as the Guest Reader. The teacher had sent me a book this year. I go for it every year and I pick my book. I liked her choice better that mine. It was a story about Turkeys in a home and how they compete to be the ThanksGiving Turkey, but once they realize the winner would gets roasted in the oven, they run for life. It was cute. Nikhil gets to sit next to me in the blue chair - coz his mom is the reader. He was full of excitement, as usual. After the reading was over, I handed over the puzzles I grabbed for the kids from the dollar store. It was a SURPRISE. I have heard about other moms giving goodies, never got to do that myself. This time, finally!

Looking forward to the 4 days at home. You all have a great Thanks giving and a wonderful long weekend!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bed time routine

Talking of the evening, I get home early when days at work are normal. I pick up Nithin and Nikhil and reach home. Now I am tempted to cook something hot and fresh, rather than sitting with Nikhil to do homework. Somedays, he has activities to be driven to (poor B gets stuck with that mostly) and when he comes back, it is already 'time to bed' according to me. A shower, dinner for kids and when B and kids are playing, here I am forced to go into the 'controlling mama' tone.

Before, we used to linger around without any strict bed times. Kids playing, fighting, having fun and screaming! Now I get frustrated that I can't let them playing for too long. If they sleep too late, they may not be able to wake up early in the morning. I feel torn because that is probably the only time they are having fun at home, and here I am 'yelling' them to go to sleep. So, you tell me, what do you do in your life with the bed time routine?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Changes continued..

While the monster truck crawled by me, my wipers swishing away the rain, I literally shivered as the Turn Pike curved. I waited for the truck to go past ASAP and I breathed a sigh of relief. I start so early in the morning, my heart was bent on curling back into the bed with B and Nithin when the alarm went off, but the thought of unseen challenges by hitting the road later made me jump up.

The good side of the enforced schedule is that everyone is up early. Nikhil works on his Kumon. They all get early to their places. Nithin seems to be doing well with the full time daycare - he occasionally puts requests to stay home every other day like he used to - but so far doing well at school. Touch wood.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Changes in life

Last Saturday, I dragged the whole family with me when I did my test drive on the Turn Pike to my new office. Monday seemed like the day we were all waiting for - as if a timer will go off on that day and I was not sure what could happen after that. I spent every minute thinking of how to prepare for the big changes in life. After the test drive to the office, we went to the Willow Grove Mall and had lunch at CheeseCake factory. It is Halloween day..and hey, we were hungry anyway! It was a good lunch and then we drove back home. I felt much better - I survived the test. I could at least imagine how Monday morning drive will be.

Sunday night, my sleep was disturbed, I was alert, woke up twice in the middle of the night, only to realize that it was too early to wake up. I am the kind of person who loves to sleep till 7.30 or 8 usually, but now I have to get up at 5.45 at least. I left home at 6.15 on Monday morning with B, N and N wishing me good luck and was at the new office really early. It is better to be early so I can have a smooth ride. The orientation went smoothly and I went home before it was dark. Now it gets pitch dark by 5PM here in Philadelphia. I DO NOT enjoy driving in the dark, especially in the roads in which I am not comfortable. Hence this leaving home early in the morning. I am a fan of flexible timings now!

To be continued..