Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Party is over!

For the past few weeks, my mind was set on making the party arrangements for Nithin's birthday.
1. Calling Chuck-e-Cheese and booking the time slot
2. Creating an evite, collecting emails of folks with kids who will enjoy, managing the responses
3. Creating a spreadsheet where I maintain the guest list and store evite responses
4. Ordering cake
5. For 4-5 families have a dinner setup at home post Chuck e Cheese (what to order from outside? What to make at home?)

On Saturday, morning, B and I made some simple dishes at home and banked on the choices I made to order from outside to turn out good. I put Nithin down for his nap at around 1 o'clock calculating that he should be up by the time we should leave for Chuck-e-Cheese. Some days, things do work the way you want them to!

As dad went to get the cake, I woke up Nithin and got him dressed up. Handling a toddler who just woke up from his nap, and taking him to an event where you want him to behave nicely - is exactly like handling glassware! I think we managed that part well that day.

But at CC, Mr.Nithin wore his shy hat for quite sometime and gave a strange look to people who told 'Happy Birthday' to him. He was excited to see Chucky and give him Hi-Five!

I should share this funny moment with you - everyone is waiting for Chucky (someone dressed up as this mouse character) and you can see him from the far end of the room..and every one goes..chucky is here! Reminded me of the times when as a kid I waited in front on the temple, for the procession to get closer and everyone goes ' saami vanthachu..' (God is here, meaning the idol is near us!)! And all the kids go 'Chucky Chucky'! கன்னத்திலே போட்டுக்காத குறை தான்! (BTW, I decided to type whatever language comes to me when I think, since it is supported here. Please excuse the intrusion of a foreign language, it will be Tamil, Malayalam or Hindi!)

I hope the kids had fun, even though for adults it was really loud and noisy.

The second part of the party also went fine at home. Just couple of families and we had some relaxing time with chatter and laughter. On Sunday afternoon, after the church session, I felt a great satisfaction lingering that all the plans I made worked out. All are executed fine and the party is OVER. Phew!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Morning Flash news

B took off today to study for his exam tomorrow and set out to drop off the kids, while I took my shower to get ready to go to work. My cell phone rang, it was an unfamiliar phone number and quite hesitantly I picked it up. I was surprised to hear B's voice - he said "accident, come near XX" and named a development close by. First I thought he is trying to warn me of some accident caused traffic jam so that I can avoid taking that route. But when he said "it is our van", I thought I am not hearing correctly.

I rushed out to the spot. It is strange to now realize how I took it for granted that all are safe. Thank God, they were all safe. Which is the most important thing, of course. From my past accident experience, I had damage to the car alone, so when I got his call, I associated this whole incident with my experience. I got this notion from his voice that the kids were both safe with him and did not worry about them at all.

B had immediately put Nikhil on a school bus that came that way, before he delved into accident related discussions. Nice presence of mind, I thought! I took Daps in my hands and watched the scene. There was a police officer talking to B and the lady who hit our van.

"I hope we are not at fault" - is the immediate thought that came to me. I also wondered - the lady also must be thinking the same way. The ONE thing both the parties are trying to prove at that moment would be how they are NOT at fault! It was quite evident that it was her mistake.But..the after effects!

I looked at our van. The van was all smashed in the front side, the door would not close properly. The police officer declared both the vehicles unfit to be driven home. They were both towed away.
This incident would impact our lives considerably. How a small accident so close to the home changes your lives is amazing. We have phone numbers to call, get the claim sorted out and somehow get a rental car ASAP. It will be so hard to juggle with one car and make it to our works, kids day-cares and Nikhil's activities.

All these thoughts aside, B and I were joking and laughing at the whole situation. How he wanted to sit and study the whole day and how the turn of events had been!We dropped Nithin at his daycare and headed home to work from home (my manager approved it).

On the way, I could not help cursing my Doordarshan Chitrahaar days that reminded me of this song! "Accident ho gaya Rabba Rabba" - silly! Counting days when we will get our van back!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A girly topic this time!

वो जमाना गया जब हम मीलों दूर गाड़ी चला कर eyebrows कराने जाते थे!

Now we have a lady who lives in our own community who has a beauty parlor in her basement!
I am excited that I could walk to her home and get my face cleaned up and walk back home.

I remember all those days when I used to drag B and kids to accompany me to far away homes to get threading done. B must have cursed me so much, but I was never brave enough to explore new driving routes by myself. One has to keep a record of all beautician contact numbers, for you cannot always go with one person. If you go to one person regularly, that person may go to India for 4 months and you are doomed. They also can land medical emergencies and need to take time off from work. Then also you are in trouble.

Once upon a time in our part of Philly, there used to be only one girl who did threading, now there are a bunch of them - which gives us ample backup options. Always nice to have some choices/doors open, right!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nithin turns three!

Happy birthday to our dear Dappu (nickname for Mr.Nithin!)

From the tiny little infant to the naughty, shy boy that he has grown into now, the journey has been interesting and enjoyable. When he giggles aloud seeing his Chacha's (Achacha is big bro) funny pranks to make him laugh, all three of us are amused. When he screams at the top of his voice to show his protest, the bird toy from India chirps aloud unable to bear the decibels.

Saturday day evening, dad and big bro' went into Toys R Us to pick a toy that would amuse the birthday boy. Of course, we could not take him into the store - to avoid ruining the surprise and to avoid buying 5 toys which he points to. I killed time in ROSS with Nithin while they shopped. Then we hid the gifts in the basement without him seeing them.

Yesterday night, we made Mango Pie which is a favorite of both the boys. Today morning, we placed 3 candles on top of the mango pie and both the boys blew them together. Nithin got his Curious George toy in the morning and was excited. More excitement to follow in the evening!

Dad and me went down the memory lane thinking of the day of delivery, dropping Nikhil to D's house for a night's stay and heading to the hospital. The first time Nikhil ever stayed at a friend's place without us. But we could not have done without that help - we could focus on contractions, pain and the beautiful after effect. 3 years flew by!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend is here, again!

I managed to complete the movie Aaja Nachle over 3 nights with kids dancing and eating around me.

Aaja Nachle Review is at : http://anamikareviews.blogspot.com/2008/09/aaja-nachle.html

Then what else? Life is going on.
One more week buzzed by.

Busy times now.
B going to classes on some evenings.
Nikhil's homework and evening activities.
Nithin's naughty moments as well as occasional tantrums.
Work pressure slowly building up.

Looking forward to a nice weekend with our cousin's family from Virginia.
Happy weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Come September!

Monday night was filled with enthusiasm and excitement getting ready for school. Nikhil packed his new backpack with school supplies. We realized he had to bring 3 items to symbolize things he did during summer for a special show n tell. We packed them and he was all excited. Nithin wanted to go to school also.

Tuesday morning, the bus stop was filled with kids and parents. Lot of new kindergarteners from our bus stop. Moms and dad with cameras. Lot of excitement. New K moms followed the bus to school. I remembered the anxiety we had when we went through that stage. The first time parting with Nikhil and wondering how to be reassured that he will be fine in that totally new environment? How will he know which bus to get on back from school? Will he eat lunch "properly"? Etc Etc.

They do fine, I guess. They adapt very quickly. Anyhow, all parents live through this excitement and anxiety on how their kids will survive in the new environment. I am past that stage for Nikhil, so I smiled and came back home after he got on to the bus.

However, I could feel so much love for him within me and I could sense the urge in me to give my life for him (don't know what that means really) , to make him a better PERSON in all ways. Make him a lovable, caring person like his dad (something for you dad!).

Hey, Hey,I guess the emotion in the air made me emotional too. Good luck, my second grader!