Thursday, August 27, 2009

Countdown starts

Not even a week left before we start back. Yesterday, was a forced lazy day on me by myself.

In the past 3 weeks, we had roamed a lot. So we felt exhausted and worried about our health. We had my schoolmate visit us, so we had done some roaming within Bangalore last weekend. Now was the time to relax and recover or else we might break down. I had to cancel a fun trip planned with relatives and we decided to breathe.
But that one day was so hard to be inside home. I am so much of an outdoor person that I find it so hard to stay indoors for one complete day. It is true that even in US, if I stay home all day, I have this itch to get out for a drive at least in the evening.

So Nikhil and me were back in action today after the complete rest yesterday. A morning at the games arcade in the mall near home, bit of shopping and the walk back home to rest the afternoon. Evening, I took him to watch Ice Age Part 3 in the theatre. By now we both are so familiar with the Forum Mall and its theatre. After the movie, we caught up with a friend at the food court and headed back home. Countdown begins!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Real taste of vacation in India

  • Listening to Appa talk about his favorite movies and songs
  • Playing 'Aradhana' songs and Hemant Kumar hits and enjoying them in the car
  • Listening to Kamal songs in car
  • Watching 'Avvai Shanmugi' in DVD at home and discovering new hidden jokes
  • Eating spicy Andhra meals in banana leaf
  • Recovering the collection of old photo albums and looking at young Appa and Amma, good old friends and listening to Nikhil scream at my old pictures with long plaited hair!
  • An impromptu visit to a movie theatre in the near by mall to catch the next available movie and a McD's nuggets meals for Nikhil
  • Waiting for my close friend from school days to reach Bangalore to meet me

This is going good, Thank God!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Half way through!

The first few days saw me and my family go to Coorg. It was fun - we visited Talakkaveri ( starting point of the river Kaveri), Abbey falls, a Tibetan village with the huge Golden Temple and Mysore Palace. Then few days of rest at home and we are now in Chennai.

Chennai is way more hotter than what I thought. AC rooms are in every home nowadays. So I take refuge there. Living around close relatives who shower love is a delightful experience. These folks have seen me from the time I was a baby. The college girls now here in this home are babies I have held in my hands. It is a long lasting relation I cherish with the bunch of joint families here.

On the flip side, to my surprise, the hot weather, traveling and eating different foods has made me feel exhausted. All the things I have craved to eat while I am US, seem to not entice me now. W hen my tummy aches. I feel safer eating curd rice! The 9 years of US life has made me addicted to cleanliness. I was never the one to be bothered about the dust or the dirt while I was in India. I was proud of being so adaptive and flexible also.I seem to have changed a lot, my tolerance towards dust/dirt/polluted air has come down. I used to laugh at people's cliched dialogues on pollution, traffic etc, but now I am the one feeling it. Hmmmm! 15 more days to go.

Nikhil is enjoying the time with kids here. I am glad!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 1

The flight was long, tiring but not too bumpy. Food was not great, except for the last breakfast which was Puris! At the London airport, the one thing I did that was exciting was get a change of 1 pound and use it in an internet kiosk to type an email to B and Appa. Getting on the internet made me feel homely in the vast airport. Felt like I am not that far away India and USA. Little moments of fun!

Nikhil was good. I was super thrilled when he ate the Puris with the spicy curries for breakfast in the plane. I forced him to sleep in the second flight for we fear a monster called JET LAG! Day 1 activities were planned to involve Nikhil and make him walk with us to some small shops etc to prevent him from falling asleep. After 3 hours, he could not control it anymore, he fell asleep in the car. Today is the first night - last time he could not sleep well for some days. Let us see how this one goes.
In the couple of phone conversations, Nithin and Nikhil exchanged 'miss you's and 'love you's. It is hard for them to be separated now, especially thar they have started playing/watching Star Wars, DS etc etc together. Hang in there, folks, I will keep posting my updates!