Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aunty, eh!

After I crossed 30, my mental age has not changed much. I still think of me as the same old person ( note this usage of 'old' does not pertain to age!). Also, whomever I talk to who looks like my age, I assume she is my own age. If I can communicate to someone in the same wave length as mine, I assume they are my own age!This has given me some interesting shocks!

I still think of me as a fresh graduate from College! But somewhere down the lane, I never realized that what people perceive in me is much different from my mental image of myself!

Being the mother of two kids, people have promoted me from 'chechi' or 'akka' to 'aunty'!Last weekend, we attended a wedding. There was this girl I met in the women's room and she was feeding her infant. She had an older kid who is my second one's age. She called me 'aunty'! I am like - you have 2 kids and I too have 2 kids...what makes me more of an aunty! Of course, I did not say that to her. I smiled and came back.

The converse is also true - I think of Mr.X as 'uncle' assuming he is close to 40 (or at least 6-8 years older from me). I am still holding on to the mental image of 'uncle figure' from years back!
But when I know their real age, I am so shocked, I am only 1 or 2 years younger to the 'uncle'. So he is not so much of an uncle. But I have become more of an aunty!

To top it all, last year, I recall someone called from our church and they were asking for some contribution. They just addressed me 'Ammachi' right away! The person who spoke thought that he has got his name into the good books of the eldest member of the family - or at least that was his idea. You are not going get a penny out of my pocket if you do that! Do I sound like Kaviyoor Ponnamma or Manorama! (Now that is a rhetorical question! Shh..!)

Nevertheless, I would like to hang on to this mental feeling of age. It helps me to relate to younger people's feelings and understand them better. It helps me be approachable in case of problems. I prefer to be shocked like this once in a while..but I will hold on to my youth!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Karaichu Vartha Dosai

Yesterday evening, when I had to make a quick decision of what to make for the rest of the family coming home after activities, I decided to put the remaining dosai maavu to use.

What is Karaichu Vartha Dosai?
It means - you mix different kinds of flours, dissolve them in water and make dough out of it to make dosai. I added wheat flour/atta, maida and rava to the left over dosai maavu (which was not enough to feed more than 1 person!) and made dosai with it! I then garnished each dosa with onions, green chillies and curry leaves sliced super-thin. When I turn the dosa with the garnishes upside down and turn it back up, it was gratifying to see all the onions roasted well!

This can be fixed quickly, provided you have people who love to eat it. My sons reject the dosa with any topping, so I did not put the toppings on for them. Surprisingly, they were so hungry and they did not crib about the different color and texture compared to the regular dosa.B was also hungry, so thankfully, he did eat the dosa with some approval symptoms!

Then I decided to blog about all the dosas it reminded me of. After all, dosa is one thing I can eat any number of times a day. And it is unfair that I have not blogged about it!!

1. My Ammamma's (grandma) karaichu vartha dosai. I cannot make the same kind of dosai she used to make. The maavu used to be so watery and she would just pour it over the tawa and not spread it. It was awesome.
2. Khali dosa of Kadambam, Bangalore. There were 2 dosas in one order - thin and tasty.
3. Dosa from Brindavan Hotel, Bangalore. Kind of homely. Different from Sukh Sagar ones.
4. Amma's in Virginia used to serve Onion Chilli Masala Dosa. When I was pregnant with the first one, we were in Virgina then. I used to go there on weekend evenings to have that. I used to abbreviate the name as OCMD. The ones I made today were close to be called OCMD missing the masala part. OCD! I am not referring to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder here.

Readers, would love to hear about the yummiest dosas you have had in your life!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Welcome back to the world of Capris!

It was a bright and sunny Saturday. I think everyone was so excited by this turn of weather. Long awaited! The best part of the arrival of summer is that one can slip back into those comfortable capris! It was such a relief to not wear the sweater and jacket. We went out for getting a new pair of glasses for Nikhil and I wore my pair of capris after so many months. I wore a small sleeve top and felt great.

I picked a half sleeve T shirt for Nikhil to wear. I was having a hard time to get a 'not-so-warm' pant for Nithin. His wardrobe is overloaded with winter gear and I have to spend some time to get some summer clothes for him. When we came back home, I gave Nithin a pajama shorts to wear and he asked me in his toddler language - ' what is that?'. Poor guy! He has completely forgotten how shorts look.

Welcome warm weather! And thanks for bringing such small pleasures with you!

P.S. Just completed the review of Bhool Bulaiya in my Movie Blog. Check it out.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A rebirth

B's bro is now recovering. Thank God and thanks to all who prayed for him.
He is able to breathe by himself and talk. It will take some time for him to be back to normalcy.
But this is excellent and we are all thrilled.

I am heading off towards the weekend. I put a review of a movie 'Laga Chunri Mein Daag' I saw this week in my Movie Review Blog. Check it out.

Happy weekend all of you!