Friday, June 21, 2013

A school year later..

When I hopped into this blog after a long time, I realize I had not posted even once after we moved into our new home.

A week ago, was the completion of an entire school year in the new school district. Initial days of my older one complaining about the new atmosphere and not having friends. The days when the younger was lucky enough to find a friend and hang on to him. The school bus change and concerns around timings/pickup/drop off. Then it rolled off smoothly.

I took part in some Elementary school activities with the younger one. I would feel totally lost in the beginning since I knew nobody there. I missed the old school where you walk in and you could recognize faces. Now at the end of this school year, I can say I can recognize some faces.

Long story short. Kids have gone to India with grand parents. It is just the two of us. You will be surprised
how much our lives revolve around kids that you don't know what to do when they are not there. But I would be lying if I say that I am not having a good time - I am doing things which we cannot think of doing when a normal routine school week is going on. I went for Nails after 2 years with a friend. I am meeting girl friends for dinner and lunch. Last week, B and I went out couple of times for dinner. We went for a long walk in atrial.  It is almost like a bachelor life. Every evening we watching a movie or a half of it until we know it is too late.

All friends are making plans for evenings with us. It is a break for them too. Make hay while the sun shines!