Friday, April 30, 2010

How hard to control the mind - blabbering post

I push and drag and force it so hard. It goes back to the same thoughts. I am surprised and shocked by what it happening to me. When did I change and why did I change? Is the age that is doing this to me? I am not forty yet, but I feel really weak and tired. I am exhausted from all the running around and I feel so burnt down. I need a break - is all I am asking every second. Whatever I do, I am coaxing my mind to drag for another day. I really don't know how long I can do this.

P.S. All is fine at family front.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello Again

The reason I am not posting regularly is that I was very busy at work. Also, I cannot sign into my blog as blogspot is blocked now from office. That would mean that if I get a small break time at work, I still cannot blog. I have to either shift my blog to another domain or do it from home. Working moms out there can understand how difficult it is to do it back home after work. Anyway, I will try - I have been missing writing out to you all so much that I wanted to write something at least today.
Will be back soon! Have a great day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

On what is going on at my end

Life is chugging along.

March 16 marked the completion of a decade of B and my wedding life. We took off that day, completed the first annual checkup of my eyes after the Lasik surgery, did some shopping and spent some time roaming around while the kids are at their schools. I would recommend that to any other couple in the world. We try to do it occasionally. As much as we love our kids, the time without them is required to talk about our lives and make future plans. A day off from our works when they are at schools does it for us without having to feel too much guilty.

Happy Easter, btw! I feel like writing a lot, but not sure what all to write. I wonder what is really LIFE - is it the hectic work weeks or the relaxing or partying weekends? Some weekends are equally busy, you don't even know how quickly they came and went. Bulleted updates/thoughts seem to be the best way to put my thoughts into words.

  • Spring has finally arrived. Beautiful weather! Sunny skies and not having to wear jackets anymore makes me happy.
  • In the middle of a crazy work week, the one afternoon when I could step out with my colleagues to get a SubWay sandwich when the weather was nice, felt like breeze.
  • Still hooked to Idea Star Singer - but it is hard to catch up on the 1 hour show - I have to fast forward some songs and watch just the score part.
  • Nikhil is riding the big bicycle we got him last year now!
  • Nithin loves to ride the tiny cycle - hope to get him on to a bigger one
  • We had fun at the HOLI party. Played colors just like last year.
  • It feels like we have lived in the Philly area for a long time now..coz we have done everything around here more than once! We are so used to where we are and as bold I was to think about in the past about making a move, now I am not that bold anymore?? I feel like let us be here, why take the risk of losing the friends we have and start from scratch.
Catch you later, guys!