Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guitar Hero

Last Thursday saw me playing the Guitar in Wii Guitar Hero. For the first trial, I did good with the easiest song in the package called Slow Ride. B and Nikhil were taken by surprise that I did well. Based on my Wii Sports career, they probably had the least expectation to begin with. The next day, I completed that one song without getting boo-ed in the middle. I felt really excited and thanked the genes in me that I would have inherited from my grand mom who was a music teacher!

People who know me know my connection with English music.
None. B was always into English songs as a kid and I grew up fully in the world of Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil songs only. So even I am laughing at myself playing a guitar when the game makes me pretend I am a real rockstar. At the end of the successful song, it said "YOU ROCK"! I was so glad I finished the song! I enjoy this!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first AAA Call

Yesterday, after cruising in Gear 2 and D alternately, on snow-filled slushy roads for 2 hours, I reached home before it got dark. Thanks to my manager who said I should leave soon before it gets too bad, I started around 3 and reached home by 5.15PM.

Needless to say, I started out nervous, hearing about the accidents everywhere. All through the way, I went slow and when I reached the highway, there was no need of effort to be slow. It was crawling anyway, so one could in no way compromise safety by going fast. Jam started way before usual Jam point! And it took ages to get to my exit. It was too cold , so I had my heat on and then I would sweat and feel suffocated. I would reduce the heat and then very soon, I felt cold again. I called B with my blue tooth device - I had no idea how bad the local roads after my exit would be. Felt like talking to my family! They were getting ready to play in the snow! What is fear for me is fun for my kids! What an irony!

After taking my exit, I remember feeling wierd. It is as if something is dragging the car and not letting it go by easily. Some friction. I thought - oh, this must be what they mean by driving in snow! Reached home safely with a sigh of relief!

I mentioned to B about the funny dragging feeling. I always feel such things, while driving, so it is hard to say when it is real and when it is not. But B pointed to the tire today morning and said - "You have a flat tire!". I feel proud (just kidding!) to think that I was driving with this flat tire on the slick roads for 15 minutes before getting home.

I made the first call to AAA. Today being my work from home day, the car was ready and I also was home. I called them and confirmed that we indeed are members still and when I said "I have a flat tire. Can anyone come and fix this for me?". The lady replied back with full enthusiasm - "Of course, sure!". I felt a great relief and a sense of accomplishment, having initiated the call and using AAA services. After paying the membership fees for years, this is the first time I call them for help - thank God, I was not calling Roadside Assistance yesterday from "roadside", but I was able to call them from home today.

Just now the courteous towing company fellow finished changing the tire and said, "All done"!and left! B, aren't you thankful to me for not having you change the tire in the cold today? This was absolutely free and felt really convenient! Three cheers to AAA!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deadlines and bunk bed

For the past week, every night B has been working on assembling the new bunk bed we got for the kids. I slept off within Nithin who was battling a fever from Sunday. Thanks to the Virus which decided to leave him after the predicted 3 days.

So yesterday evening, with our neighbor's help, we got one bed on top of another and it was quite a sight to see the expression of the boy's faces. They were happy and excited about the bunk bed. But I could see the sorrow of sleeping alone creeping up slowly in the faces. I myself could not tolerate the thought of sleeping without them. Anyway, it may not happen in one shot, but at least we are making a start.

I got into some deadlines - not exactly work related and it was challenging to keep up with them.
At work, we have an activities committee for which I was co-chairing an event. Myself and a coworker had to cut foam core boards into slices of specific size and distribute one each to every employee. Then we drafted an email inviting them to decorate these boards with their details from HIGH SCHOOL. 2 weeks from now, we will collect these boards which will include everyone's high school picture, their favorite stars from their high school times etc, and hang them in the hallway. They are not to include their names in the boards for the fun of guessing. It was an experience trying to cut the boards neatly and working on the email. Anything with cutting and craft, I believe I suck. So I was super conscious not to mess up. Hope the event has a good turn out.

Weekend seems to be pretty busy with a postponed New year party being at our place.
Happy Weekend, everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year Thoughts

Catching up on Laksh's and Usha's posts on New Year, I thought I would share my thoughts here in a post.

Years ago, when I was in school, New year eve was an emotional moment. And what was part of the celebration of the moment? Doordarshan. Watching the New Year eve programs in TV was the most exciting thing happening. I remember as the clocks ticked, I relied of the host of the show to make the moment memorable for me. I remember getting disappointed on some shows not making the IMPACT when the clock struck 12. "Not as good as last year program!".

At that point in life, I really did not want anything more to be done on a NY eve. Even though, I watched the parties for new years in movies etc, I don't recall longing to be part of any such thing. But I always used to think about what I accomplished that year and what I wanted to be later.

Over time, the magic faded out and I was too busy this year to do even that introspection that Laksh mentions. Something reminded me that "hey, it is New year", but I was vacationing and have not till date thought about gains/losses in the past year.

Did I become more mature to realise that life goes on and NY eve is another day? I know that life will not change just because it is New Year, but I think it is an occasion to reflect on the past. However silly is, if that occasions prompts you to make a new beginning, what is wrong in that? If this becomes an excuse to make a change in myself, why not?

New year resolutions are made fun of - because they die soon. I know it may not last long, but when we were younger, we felt the hope of changing for good on NY day. As we grow older, we accept that nothing is going to change and become more mature. We close the doors to hope and change by growing up. I can literally feel that change in myself. I wish I could become silly, naive and immature and bring back the hope to change and become better - like old days!

Mixed Feelings

When I started from home today, I thought it is going to be an ordinary day. In fact, I knew it will be a quiet day since I finished most of my work yesterday.

Thank God, I still have my job. My heart goes out to those who left the doors. When they came in today, they too thought it was an ordinary day. Only to find out later that, it was not to be.

While I grabbed 2 slices of pizza from the nearby shop and walked in cold wind that blew, I was shaken and shocked. Talking about Satyam employees in India with Appa over phone, I was further shaken.
There is always light at the end of the tunnel...where is the end of the tunnel? I guess we are all waiting for that!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

iPhone, Dallas Times and Happy New Year

When B gifted me the iPhone I have been asking for, I was truly taken aback. Anyway, I am getting used to it now. I enjoy the email checking ability wherever I am.

Sickness was in the air even when we were packing things to leave to Dallas on Xmas day. I was worried if we will be able to make the trip, but we could. Thank God we were all okay very soon after we landed. We were going to spend 5 days with my school mate/college mate L and her family. Thanks to L for preplanning activities for us in the winter time. We had plenty to do -
a forest safari, a Mallu movie Twenty-Twenty in theatre, an ICE sculpture exhibition, a Medieval Times show and Million dollar model home tour and plenty of yummy food to eat! Inspired by L's cooking, I came back home and made Idiyappam for the first time.

It was a great vacation. And the days back at home flew by shopping and cleaning up and some partying. Back to school and work yesterday.

Wish you all a fantastic 2009!