Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last Two Months

When I joined my new company in June, I got so restless waiting for work pressure to pick up.There was no assigned task but practice applications. I would count hours and think of ways to kill time. I would eat lunch all by myself out in the open air in the green round table/chairs. I would miss my old colleagues and office terribly those days. There was no one here to talk to or make friends with - everyone seemed so busy with their work and no one seemed to have time for personal talks here. After the lunch, I would set out on walks by the riverside. Yes, I am extremely proud of the surroundings here - the Schuykill river flows by the side of the office and there is a train track on the left side of the building. It is so nice to walk outside in summer while I chat with my Appa over phone. Sometimes I call Sunitha and chat with her. We refer to 'nadeetheeram' (river side) often in my chats with Sunitha. Sometimes I would come out to take a break and talk with Sindhu.

Soon, the convention season picked up and I saw myself getting involved in real work. This came to the extent where I was the main person working on many projects simultaneously. And I saw myself going crazy. No time to breathe literally. Constant pressure from many sides. Everyone wants their job to be done immediately. I had to work really late at work many times. In the nights, I would dream about the work, really living through work while I sleep and wait for the next morning to go and tackle the chores. Thanks to my family's support, I was able to get through the months of October and November.

Some of the tough things include a) keep working when hungry at around 5.30 not knowing when I will be able to leave home b) not being able to pick up Dappu (my younger one). c) not spending time with Nikhil and checking his homework and not reading for him. d)driving back in the dark now that it gets dark so early. e) working alone in office - it is so silent and no one else is around. The trash guys come and I am still there. They got used to seeing me late everyday. One day, they even switched the lights off thinking no one is in the room. It is a little bit scary to be alone here for me. One day, I tried to kill my fear (not really fear.but it is a wierd feeling to be alone) by playing Tamil Comedy in youtube while I was waiting for the Norton Ghost to finish its job.

People told me - this pressure will calm down soon, hang in there. It was hard to believe until I see that happen. After a marathon of long days and short nights, now I got a breather for a week at least. And here I am typing this.

I went for a walk in the cold weather since it was bearable. Chatted with Appa. I spent sometime in the morning and evening with my kids. It was a weekend without worrying about my cell phone ringing for on call support. I am back to life....yeah!