Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Unprepared, nervous

We decided to go on an impromptu trip to Disney World with a friend's family. The decision happened so quickly and the arrangements were done so too. All my life, this was one trip I envisioned myself planning and researching thoroughly for bookings related to Disney. But it never happened so far. Now with Nithin around 4 years, we are at a stage where we can think of making this trip. We should do it now since Nikhil might outgrow the age - it will be his first experience, so will be ours. So we will spend Christmas in Disney. I am not thinking of cooking or baking as I won't be home anyway. Like Suman said, I think I will be longing to eat rasam and potato fry by the end of the second day. I am excited as I will be meeting my close friend and family whom we visited last year exactly during Christmas time.

It is all these tell-tales about Disney that I am reading, thoughts that we have no time for shopping and planning - everything is making me nervous and excited. Can't wait to jump into vacation!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Eventful past weekend

We went to New Jersey to give a surprise baby shower for our friends. Four families with the help of the father-to-be as the organizer, it was fun to get there, pick up the food, decorate the home and wait for the mom-to-be. As she entered the home, we all screamed 'SURPRISE'! This was followed by baby shower games and finally the opening of gifts by the mom-to-be. It was all fun until every one left one by one and we were the last. Nithin has warmed up so much to these folks that he started saying : "Can we stay here today?" and started crying. We thought of waiting for 5 minutes until he calmed down. After 5 minutes, we got dressed for the winter night drive and got into the van - only to find that the van would not start. B tried repeatedly, but no luck. We walked back into the friend's home and spent the night there.

Sunday was probably the most eventful day in the recent past. Our friends had to go to the Lamaze class, so B went to drop them so we will have their car during the day. I called AAA and the guy came within half an hour. While I stood with him, kids inside the apartment, B on his way to us, I was shivering literally. It was freezing. I asked him "Can I go inside, please call me when you have finished checking the batteries". He said "yes" and as I walked back, it slipped - the pavements were icy. I managed not to fall and walked back in. He called and said "it is not the batteries, your vehicle has to be towed." I waited now for the towing truck and thank God, B was here before they came! I clicked some pictures of the van being loaded into the towing truck. We were told that automobile shops do not work on Sunday, so we had no option of getting it fixed the same day.

We decided to rent a car and go back home. Home which was 2 hours away seemed like the destination we were dying to reach. We were comfortable at the friend's place, can't imagine getting stranded in the middle of a highway. But still we were forced to be away from home for a reason not within our control. So we all longed to be home!

The major part of the day went off in driving to the rental place, getting a car, me driving our friend's car to the place where he was attending Lamaze class. If you know me, you can imagine how frantic I get about driving in rain/icy roads - not to mention unfamiliar roads. I managed to survive and dropped the car to the very hands of its owner and it was a sigh of relief!

The kids were hungry by this time and they wanted to go to McDonald's. We searched for one near where we were and drive towards it. Alas, the GPS said that there is no McDonalds in the location when we reached there and asked us to turn around. My sharp eyes caught the name board of 'Dosa Gril'' on the way to the non-existent M. Within minutes, we were all inside Dosa Grill. Quite satisfied by the yummy dosa and coffee which is no match to any chicken nugget in my dictionary, I was thanking my lucky stars. Kids were also happy with the dosa.

Rest of the drive as B drove and I relaxed which is how I would desire it to be always. We wondered at the interesting experiences life throws at us and worried whether the problem with our van will be easy/hard to fix. We were back home FINALLY - one day late, yet safe, but waiting to go back to get the fixed van.
P.S. It ended to be a battery issue and needed replacement. B went on a weekday and got it back.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Weeks are flying

Last Friday, was the holiday party that my new company hosted. Hardly one month old in the company, I was adamant about attending it, in spite of the fact that the very few people I became friends with were not coming. Part of it was to keep up the tradition of attending the holiday party - since B and I went for the one from my old company last year. Another reason is to celebrate the fact that I now have a job. (Malayalam thought: Joli ullappozhalle office party kku pokan pattooo!") I checked with the same baby sitter and she was open to watching my boys. Nithin will be seeing her after so many months and she was excited about it. Long story short, B and I attended the party, chatted with some people who we knew from before, ate nicely and enjoyed as much as we can. I was so surprised to bump into this HR girl from my previous company - who was the very person to tell me the official news that I got laid off, months ago! Her husband works in our company and she was there as a guest. She was happy to see me employed and she told there were many who still have not found jobs. God's way of showing me how lucky I am??!!
We had Just someone and her husband come over from New Jersey. They are our friends from college, BTW. The kids enjoyed playing with new gifts uncle and aunty brought. I took JS with me to the evening birthday party at a neighbours'. She assumed the role of the photographer while I was busy chatting and eating. The next afternoon was another birthday party - Nithin's best girl friend's. I had to take him for that, so I bid bye to the guests hoping to catch up soon.
The next week flew by quickly. I cannot believe that I am coding in C#, ASP.NET and Javascript. I am excited to learn new things. The forecast for this weekend seems to be busy - hoping to do some proper cooking on Sunday. Ciao, until I talk to you next time.