Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old countdown over..new starts

A BIG SORRY for being so silent. I got a couple of emails/comments from friends who care and were tired of this silence. Countdown to return back to US was over long time ago.

Back in US, I could see the market was getting better. I got two offers around the same time.
One close to home, in the same company where I worked for 5 years some time ago. Another one, far from home, but promising to give me some new kind of work experience and build more on the knowledge I gathered in the past two years. It was a tough decision. But I chose the far job over the close one. I will join the job this coming Monday.

When I went to interview in my old company, it was a great experience. It was like walking into one's own home. I could recognize almost every person that I saw there. In spite of that, I have made a decision to try out some new challenges. Biggest challenge for me is the 45 minutes drive in the Turn Pike one way every day. It is much more than what I have ever done. But I am hoping for some exciting times. New office, new colleagues, new places to eat lunch..I will be working close to two of my friends' offices. Work wise also, I will have a lot to learn.

Another major change in my life was that B's parents returned back to India a month ago. We miss them a lot. They were very much helpful in our day to day life. I am now playing the role of a house wife - planning about what to make for the next meal, grocery shopping, driving Nikhil to activities etc. But since I was at home, I enjoyed it all.

This week, Nithin was sick for past 3 days. He is on the mend now. I am hoping he recovers for the big change in our lives next week. He will have to go to day care all 5 days from the '3 days only' schedule. He does not like the idea much. I am worried my transition into the working mom role goes easy with the three men in my life!