Friday, May 29, 2015

2015 - Chugging along

OK, OK - it has been a good few years since I even tried to put a post here.
There are many posts that I drafted in my mind while I was driving to work when my head was ringing with so many thoughts and TO-DO items.

So the moment has come to type up what is going on here. I know a handful of people is all that would read this - who have given up checking any updates to this page years ago. But these handful are some I can trust to visit the page once I tell them - hey, I put a post in!

Life is moving along. My teenager will be 14 year old soon. I am already comfortably settled in the phase where the boys are pretty independent and can manage their studies and activities all perfectly. At least that is what I am thinking!

My boys do not want me anywhere near them when they are doing homework for fear of me yelling at them to write neatly or to write the steps for a math problem. I am not even close to trying to force my Indian educational skills into them. I think I should do some of it - but they cleverly escape from me or I escape from the rejection or failure of our advices being thrown out the door.

But they are doing good at school - so I will let them be independent for now!

Hey, I am taking a quick trip by myself to India to attend couple of weddings. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Will it be too short - will I be able to handle the jet lag which always bogs me down..usually worse when I am back in the US? Will it be too hot? All sorts of questions pop in my mind.

But one thing is sure. This will be the first Tamil wedding I will attend in 15 years after I came to the U.S. So I will cherish the fortune that lets me take this trip. I am thankful for my family and circumstances that are making it possible, And it is the wedding of the kid I carried in my arms - technically, probably the only other kid I carried other than my own. To admit the truth, I was never kid savvy. So these bride(s) are special to me and I wish them a wonderful life ahead. I will wish them in person.

Meanwhile, I am leaving the boys (all three) with my B's parents. I realize it will be hard for them to juggle things while I am gone. But I should be back in a jiffy. 1 week to go for my departure and I am yet to start any packing/shopping. I will take it easy this time - coz it will be my trip alone. Hmm..I know you envious girl friends...your time will come too..don't worry!


Anya Padyam said...

Glad to see you back in action;

Please continue ... to keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back.

Maha said...

So nice to see activity here. Have a fun packed trip. Reminds me of one of your first posts that I had read - sending your first born to India for the summer for the first time. Wow..! he is a teenager now. Time flies. Do keep writing..!