Monday, July 1, 2013

In love with Manhattan..

It has been two consecutive weeks since we have been visiting Manhattan. Last week, A and A took us there - Mr.A cruising through those Streets and Avenues gave us a tour of all those eateries to be visited and landmarks to checkout when we come back. The one evening with them there was a fun prelude to what was to follow the next week.

We parked in Trenton for overnight parking and took the train.

B and I booked two nights in a hotel right on Times Square. Did not expect a luxurious stay but wanted to be close to the hustle-bustle. Got just that. We checked in to the hotel and stepped out. We took a stroll around and found ourselves in the Rockefeller center. We called to India to speak with the kids and chatted with them. After a round of appetizer in an American place, we were walking. An hour later seeing this Desi restaurant, we felt it is time to have something Indian. Dinner there and then walked back to the hotel to crash.

When we step out in the morning, there you are - you can see the city on the move! And you have this amazing feeling that you are part of the happening place and you cannot afford to sleep in a hotel room anymore. It is time to start moving!

Breakfast is no other place than Saravana Bhavan in Lexington Ave. Which other place is open at 8.30 AM to offer you food close to home? We enjoyed the South Indian food and took a cab to Central Park.

Central Park was amazing - the more we walked and we looked in the map - we figured we still have so much more to explore. Every direction you turn there is a fountain or some nice scenery. Groups of friends playing volleyball and stuff. Parents walking behind kids running away from them. Canadian anniversary celebration. The Lake. The Cubbon Park style grass meadows with couples here and there. The bikers made me regret I came unprepared to rent a bike and roll! Some other time..

The next stop was the Broadway Show. Thanks to A who recommended 'The Phantom of the Opera'. The story line as well as the rendition was captivating. B fell in love with it. I liked it but I guess it was my nap time.Ever paid money for an excellent show and fought with your eyes to keep yourself awake? May be I was too tired from the wandering around so much. The Phantom's character made an impression in my mind.

I had made reservation at Vatan Restautant. I learnt a new term - Prix Fixe menu. It was Gujarati food - bit pricey but I had heard so much about it that I had decided to explore the place. Great ambience and the setup of a village is nice.It was a good experience. I had read so many bad reviews about their service - but it was really nice in our experience.

The next morning, B insisted we go to Saravana Bhavan again - usually it is me who wants to go there, but this time it was him. Then was the adventure ride in Subway to Financial District. There was a moment when we stood in the hot and humid subway station that I thought we are completely lost. But we made it. Lots of things to figure out when you ride subway the first time - but we reached where we wanted to. We were thrilled to get the first glimpse of Freedom Tower. We saw the Bowling Green Bull which we had visited 13 years back with a friend's family. Roamed around more and eventually my feet were extremely sore. Then we took a train to Grand Central Station and were wowed by its majestic architecture.

Had a quick lunch from the "dining concourse" as they called their food court. Time to go back to the hotel, grab our stuff from the locker and head to the train back to Trenton. Quite a memorable experience!

N and N - my boys - I have made a list of all the places to take you both in NY. We missed you when we ate good food and especially when I tried the Icecream Soda in coffee flavor, I wished I could ask N1 to try. Now Appa and Amma are well versed with the Streets and Avenues - especially with Google Maps in Appa's phone, we can conquer Manhattan. Lovely city!


B.L.:) said...

I know that in-love-with-NY feeling. We spend quite a bit of time there last year (under stressful conditions though, since my dad was under treatment there). But still it was a different world... the hustle and bustle of the city was a very different and wonderful world!

anamika said...

B.L. Nice to hear from you in this page!Ya..Manhattan reminds me to Brigade Road in Bangalore and some old times.!